The Nature Collection includes the following fragrances;


Black Orchid

Dark Honey & Tobacco

Rocksalt & Driftwood
Wood Sage & Seasalt
Wood Smoked Vanilla 


Total Dimensions

Large Candle

85mm (H) x 105mm (W)

Net weight: Approximately 400g

Burn Time: Approximately 90+ hours


Standard Candle

86mm (H) x 66mm (W)

Net weight: Approximately 180g

Burn Time: Approximately 40+ hours


Small Candle

63.50mm (H) x 62.3mm (W)

Net weight: Approximately 120g

Burn Time: Approximately 20+ hours


Mini Candle

47.2mm (H) x 41.3mm (W)

Approximate Net Weight: 30g

Approximate burn time: 6+ hours



Soy wax

100% Vegan & Cruelty free



Gift Wrap option available for an additional £1.00-3.50 (candle size dependent)

Nature Collection Candle

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